Heavy duty IT services
Kuore Lab OY
Our mission
Transform any company to IT company.
Even if you are already IT.
We can provide full spectre of IT services to your business, but we can do even more clever thing - transform your company to IT one. This means that you became owner of whole business process of IT development including technical part of process as well as organizational part and control your intellectual property.
We will create IT ecosystem for you and make it works for your prosperity.
We provide:
the more difficult the task the more interesting to us
Our company is reliable partner for your business in such fields as:
- software development of any type
- hardware development
- hardware production
- custom mathematical algorythms
- devops
- system administration
- distributed systems
- remote monitoring
- big data analysis
- machine learning
...and many other things.
Please feel free to contacts us and tell about your needs. We will find solution that fit your requirements.
Our divisons
We have specialists of any type in our team
Mobile development
Development skills for any platform
Software development
We creating both client and server applications for any OS and any purposes
DevOps division
CI and CD in modern software ecosystems
Hardware development division
Electronic circuits development and assembling. Production.
System administrators
Both virtual and physical equipment. Networking. Infrastructure as code. Modern approach.
Project management
Corporate level project management with flexible approach
Our cases
Success stories of our clients
We want you know how we can help you to grow. Please read about several of our cases
UK based company with global portfolio of huge b2b orders.
Distributed international team of developers.
Both hardware and software projects with big data approach
Make development process faster and cost effective.
Develop more projects simutaneously.
Create corporate code standard, establishing best coding practices.
Maintain development ecosystem with smooth waterfall deployment process, integrated with team command chatrooms and knowledge management system. Create monitoring solution as well as container-based deployment process.
US based company developing big online retail store
Take part in development, establish development process according with modern best practices. Create business process and deploy support team for developed online store for production stage.
Development process established by specially hired team. Created development, test, staging and production infrastructure and according business process. Project now at pre-production stage.
Switzerland based company developing cryptocurrency investment platform.
Take legacy code from previous team, reuse it as far as possible, establish development process for new features, including mobile apps and websites.
Convert client's company to fintech one. Establish busness processes in company according best world practices in IT sphere.
Hired new distributed team of developers, sysadmins and devops. Established process for design, development, testing and deploying of new features. Established business processes of interaction between marketing and creative teams and development team inside company. Project now in production stage.
Why choose us?
Distributed worldwide team. We work with any clients at any languages located at any timezone.
Many happy clients
Cost-effective IT solutions of higher possible quality
Please feel free to contact us.
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